Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Natalie's Big OH-Two!

Natalie turns TWO today. Happy Birthday, baby! And, after today, you're officially not a baby anymore... you are now a toddler. We can't believe how fast time has passed, but you will always be our baby girl :)

Here are pics from a little weekend gathering we had on Saturday with Carol and Lisa yee-yee and Natalie's cousins, and Serena and Vivian yee-yee. These photos are stolen from Serena (thanks!) and there's more to come once I get around to downloading them from our camera. Soon!

Natalie is mesmerized by the candle flames on the mini cupcakes we made for her 2nd birthday.

She had a cupcake last week and is eagerly waiting to eat her next one.

Natalie is quite the little poser for the camera now. And she wore a new dress for the first time. When she put it on, she ran to the mirror and declared, "So pret-tee!"

Natalie was happy to be with Serena and Vivian yee-yee.

And she was really happy to eating another cupcake!

Getting presents (the Berenstain Bears book collection from Serena) was also a very happy moment!

Also, for her birthday, we bought Natalie a new "my melody" bicycle (courtesy of her Nai-nai and Por-por and Yeh-yeh and Gong-gong). She loves it!
Video 219 - Watch Natalie playing with her new bicycle. Now that she's had it for a few days, she always asks to ride it in whenever we go out.

Video 220 - Watch Natalie happily opening her birthday present.


  1. Uncle Dan and Auntie HelenJune 10, 2009 at 12:52 AM

    Happy Birthday Natalie!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Natalie! Summer has a present for you too!