Sunday, June 21, 2009

Natalie's more Oh-Two!

Here are more pics from our small little celebration of Natalie's 2nd birthday.

Natalie can't stop staring into the flickering flames of her birthday candles.

Natalie was such a good little wind-generator! She blew out the two candles by herself.

Here is Natalie enthusiastically digging in to her cupcake. She loves cupcakes.

Natalie posing with Serena yee-yee and Vivo yee-yee with big smiles.

(L to R): Carol yee-yee, Uncle Dave, little Nicholas, Vanessa, Lisa yee-yee, Victoria, and Uncle Dennis all came to celebrate with Natalie, too!

Natalie opens her birthday present from Serena.

It's a 5-book collection of Berenstain Bears! Look at the concentration.

She also (briefly) enjoyed the card.

Natalie is happy with Vivo yee-yee.

Later, she scopes out more cupcakes. But she only got to eat one.

Natalie playing with Vivo yee-yee's beautiful, long necklaces.

Natalie making funny faces with Serena yee-yee.

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  1. Great photos! What a lovely birthday party... thanks for inviting us. Love the pic with little Vicky.. her expression is hilarious. :)