Saturday, June 27, 2009

School Prep

Today, Clark and I went to visit Natalie's school for a "Parent's Meeting". It was our first official Parent's Meeting and it really finally hit home that... we're PARENTS!! This is because we remember when our parents used to go to Parent-Teacher meetings and that was a really grown-up thing to do.

While there, we had to drop off a bunch of forms and also buy her uniforms and school bag. Her uniform is sooo cute! It's a little white, pleated, collared dress with the school crest on it. We put in the order for her clothes and will pick them up in August (photos to come).

Also, we got some great tips on how to prepare your "little ones" for school, such as walking her to and from school, letting her play in her uniform, reading books about schools, and practicing separation from her parents. We're really looking forward to her attending school and hope she likes it!

Natalie likes looking "smart" in her daddy's glasses. This is her mischievious look.

This is Natalie looking anxious about starting school. That's 3 whole hours every day (Mon - Fri) away from mommy and daddy.

Natalie sticking out her tongue. We hope she doesn't stick it out at her teachers!

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  1. She's so adorable and a smartie. It was so nice seeing you guys today!