Monday, June 29, 2009

Sofa tuck

Natalie has become very fond of tucking herself under the sofa cover (really, they're just bedsheets we use to protect the suede surface). When she's reading, she'll climb onto the sofa and tuck her legs under the "blanket" to read. Here are some pics below:

Natalie reading her Bearenstein Bears books.

"Nat-lee under blaa-khet!" She says.

"Nat-lee read book!" She tells me.

She doesn't talk as she concentrates on turning the thin pages.

"Uh-oh, mommy help." She says.

When she's done reading, she returns the book to the box and picks another book. These Bearenstein Bear books are her current favourite.

Later, I ask her to put her books down and make some funny faces for me. That's not very funny!

That's a nice smile and very cute, but still not very funny.

Now THAT's a funny face!

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