Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eating an apple whole

As Natalie grows older, it is becoming easier and easier to care for her. As a baby, we had to blend her food before she could it eat (eg. apple sauce). Later, we had to cut them up into bite-sized pieces (eg. apple cubes). And even later, we had to cut them up into hand-sized pieces she could hold in her hand (eg. apple slices). Now that's she two, she can eat an apple whole (without the skin). Here she is enjoying Elmo and nibbling on an apple.

We've recently started allowing Natalie to watch more TV. Her favourite show is still, of course, Elmo!

Natalie took a big bite of the apple and studied it.

Can you see the small dent in the apple she created?

Yummy! More apple!

Next time, I think we should just sit her in her highchair. She was too easily distracted from eating by Elmo.

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