Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elmo Love

Natalie received this new Elmo doll from Uncle Hanh who was visiting from New York.
Natalie's eyes became super wide when she saw it for the first time and, since "Ba-ba Elmo" arrived (that's her name for this Elmo because he's bigger than all of her Elmo dolls), he has become her definite all-time favourite. Not only does she exclusively sleep with him (before she used to choose from among 4 or 5 different other Elmos and bears), but she also hugs him when she watches Elmo's World and plays with him even when not sleeping.

Natalie is focused and intent while watching Elmo's World.
She still only gets a few minutes of tv a day and loves every minute of it.

We think she likes this Elmo better because he looks like the "real" Elmo (fuzzy hair).

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