Sunday, July 19, 2009


Natalie loves hanging out and playing with her friend Ethan. She's become much more interactive with other children. See Video 235 of Natalie putting cream on Ethan's face. He has the cutest giggle! Also, she's learned to say "stop it" from Ethan and says it all the time now.

Also, below are photos from their visit to the park recently.

Here is Ethan climbing up on the park equipment. He's a good climber!

While Ethan was busy exploring the park, Natalie was busy blowing bubbles.

She can dip the wand into the soap herself.

And blow a stream of bubbles out.

It's her favourite thing to do at the park.

Later, Ethan wanders over to check out the bubble-making.

Natalie kindly offers Ethan her wand to blow some bubbles of his own.

It's so cute to watch them playing together.

Ethan gives Natalie a pat on the arm to say thank you and wanders off. He much more interested in running around and exploring the equipment.
In order for Natalie to get some exercise, we take away her bubbles and put them on the side. She climbs up the stairs and does her second favourite thing... hanging and swinging like a monkey.
She can swing really high now. She swings until she's almost upside-down!
Natalie is amazed by something else she sees...

It's Ethan hanging like a monkey... by himself!

He was so strong and could hold for several seconds without holding on to anyone.

Good job, Ethan!

Natalie also discovered a new way to go down the slide... on her belly!

She and Ethan were sooo cute together!

Here they are sitting together at the bottom of the slide.

Later, Ethan discovers how fun it is to play with a stationary, blue, metal bar. He pulls and tugs on it, but for some reason, it doesn't move at all.

Natalie comes by to spend some time with her friend.

And while there, she decides to take a break using the blue bar as a convenient seat. It's the perfect height for her short legs.

Ethan, tired from trying to move the bar decides to take a break, too.

So they sit together for a while.

Uh oh... until Ethan falls and gets stuck! Help!

Ethan is quickly rescued.
You can see it was a really hot day (but not too sunny). Natalie and Ethan were sweating.
Later, when it's time to leave, Natalie goes to Ethan and takes his hand to lead him out of the park. Awww...


  1. Oh, they are so adorable together!

  2. Holy cows, you got some great shots!!! and many of them!!! Good good memories!