Friday, July 3, 2009


On Monday, Natalie went to her friend Clara's house for a playdate with Clara, Sienna and Summer. She had a really wonderful time eating watermelon, playing with all the new toys and hanging with her friends. Also, she's really starting to "interact" more with other tots and will give them hugs and kisses and play on the same toy together.

The foursome getting down to some serious coloring around Clara's little, tot-sized table.

Natalie looking on as Clara helps her color her paper orange.

Later, Sienna kindly passes Natalie the red crayon. The whole drawing session lasted (literally) 2 minutes. Then everyone lost interest, dropped the crayons and moved on to other interesting activites.

Natalie is sitting on Clara's "che-che" (car). Clara wants to play!

Let's play together! Clara looks super cute and happy sitting with Natalie on the little car.

Later, Summer comes by and want to play, too. We need a bigger car!

Last week, the tots all came over to visit Natalie at home. Natalie kindly shared all her toys and later, we went to Jumpin' Gym and played bowling.

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