Monday, July 6, 2009

The little swimmer that could...

Natalie LOVES to swim! Recently, she reached a big milestone... swimming with only her arm floaties and without a death grip around her mommy or daddy's neck.

On Monday, we took Natalie for a quick dip in the outdoor pool at Harbour Green and she happily learned to kick and paddle to propel herself in the direction she wanted to go without holding onto us.

Video 228 - Watch Natalie as she swims (without holding her mommy or daddy) in the water with only her arm floaties.

Video 229 - Watch the underwater shots of Natalie's amazing swimming ability. She's learned to kick and paddle her arms.

Natalie examining a styrofoam swim toy lent to us by Carol yee-yee. It was a good prop (goal) for her to swim to.

Natalie happy and relaxed with her daddy in the pool.


  1. Wow good job Natalie! She's a big girl now. Do come over more often for swimming and maybe Nicholas can learn from Natalie.

  2. My kids' favourite videos are watching natalie swim - this is because they want to go swmming everyday now that we've discovered the island east pool!