Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny girl

Last week, Clark and I took Natalie to the park where she showed off how playful and funny she can be. She liked to crawl into the small space below the slide and say, "Ba-ba, you come!" so Clark would crawl in after her.

Natalie peeks out from under the small space to say "Hi!" to the camera. Baba tries to peek out, too, but it's a small space.

Natalie gives the camera a huge smile. She says, "Hi mommy, look at Natalie!"

Later, Natalie comes out from under the slide while Clark stays there. They play monster for a while. Natalie likes to be chased and likes to chase people now.

Later, when I'm pretending to take a quick nap on the sofa, Natalie comes by and says, "Mommy, you wake up?" Then she climbs up onto the sofa and puts her head on top of mine. She says, "Natalie sleeping, too! I sleep on mommy!"
Of course I don't mind!

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