Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Natalie's really good friends Sienna and Summer came over 2 weeks ago for a play date. Natalie loved having her friends over! We LOVE having friends over to play! And I was really proud of Natalie because, for the first time in her life, she was fighting with them for toys! I know it's a strange thing to be proud of, but it's a huge milestone for Natalie who is usually so reserved and shy around other kiddies.

Also, watch Video 243 of Natalie playing "house" by herself. Now watch Video 244 of Natalie playing house with Siena. She loves it :) Although, at the end of the video, she hits her nose on Sienna's head and cries (but only for a little bit) :(

Summer and Natalie watching as Sienna chooses a sticker from Natalie's collection.

Summer goes in for a closer look.

Later, Natalie and Sienna jump on the bed and are tempted to push the buttons on our printer/fax machine.

More jumping (and eating!) on the bed.

Later, Natalie and Sienna have a lot of fun playing in Natalie's "house".

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