Friday, August 28, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Now that Natalie is older, she is super funny! Here are a few notable quotable quotes:

I come home after a long day at work:
Natalie (very excitedly): Mommy, I bye-gun!
Me: Button?
Natalie (yelling): No… I BUY-GUN!!
Me: Button?
Natalie (more subdued): I buy dog, Mommy?

Natalie runs into the living room completely naked:
Natalie: I'm a naked baby!
Me: Hi, naked baby!
Natalie (stamping her feet and waving her arms): I'm a naked baby dancing!

We are toilet training her, so I show Natalie her diaper with a spot of poo in it:
Me: Do you see this? What is this?
Natalie (waving a hand under her nose): That's my poo. Stinky stinky pee-yoo!

We're walking down the street.
Natalie: Mommy, poh-poh ("carry me", in Chinese)
Me: No, Natalie, you walk please.
Natalie: Mommy, poh-poh, puh-lease!
Me: No, Natalie, you have to walk.
Natalie: But I'm too slow!

Clark comes home and sees that Natalie has put stickers all over our living room windows.
Clark (in a stern voice): Natalie, who said you can put stickers on the window?
Natalie (thinks about it): Ba-ba!
Clark: Did I say you can put stickers on the window?
Natalie: Yes.
Clark: Uh-oh, I think someone needs a time out…
(Natalie is quiet, knowing she is in trouble.)
Clark: Does someone need a time out?
Natalie (suddenly inspired, with a big smile): Tickle tickle, Ba-ba!
Clark: Are you trying to distract me?

I'm taking off my eye make-up with a cotton ball and my eyes are being pulled down at the corner:
Natalie: Mommy so ugly!

Vivo Yee-yee feeds Natalie some noodles and some noodles stick to her chin:
Natalie: Wow, so messy!

Vivo: Can you jump high like a kangeroo?
Natalie: No, cannot! I am smaller. Cannot jump high like a kangeroo!"


  1. Natalie you are so funnY!! Summer can't wait to be at school with you!