Tuesday, August 25, 2009


From August 14 - 16, 2009, the Wang Gang was eating our way through Taiwan. It was an awesome vacation and one we appreciated even more when both Clark and I started work (full time) on the Tuesday after we returned to Hong Kong. We went with a group of friends and also had time to visit family.

We visited Natalie's Tai-por (Clark's maternal grandmother) on Saturday morning.

We had breakfast there and Natalie LOVED the mini meat buns Tai-por gave her. We even packed three to go! (Yes, she finished them all later at lunch.)

Natalie most especially enjoyed playing "phone" with Tai-por's cordless phone.

Clark called Tai-por with his mobile phone and Natalie was sooo happy as she patiently waited for the phone to ring and then jumped to answer it.

After Tai-por's, we went to visit Ching-bu, Natalie's great-grandmother (Clark's paternal grandmother). Natalie was taking a much needed nap when this photo was taken.

Later, we went to the night market and, after eating our own weight in food, we found a little plane ride for Natalie. It goes around and around in a circle and she LOVED it.

She gave us hi-5s when she passed us and told us, "I fly airplane!"

It was super hot. Natalie told us "My head is wet!" because she was sweating so much. The heat did not agree with her and she was a little grumpy until we found the airplane ride for her. We also bought a new pair of nike sport sandals for her and she was happy.

Here is Natalie happily sitting in her very own seat for the first time. This was the first trip where she was truly aware of where she was and what she was doing (riding on an airplane!)

The Wang Gang on our way home.


  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! You can see Natalie's hair sticking to her head (the sweat) and the sunglass rings around her eyes! LOL :)

  2. HEHEHE.. I love Natalie's black/white sweater! And she definitely looked like she looooved the airplane ride!