Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool tots

This weekend, all of Natalie's first cousins Vanessa, Victoria and Nicholas came over for a play date. They all loved Natalie's numerous sunglasses and they all put them on and willingly posed for pictures.

Loved how cool Victoria looks, chilling with the sunglasses, pigtails and a pacifier.

Natalie is trying to make the "peace" sign, but can only get 5 fingers or 1 finger, but not 2.

Ok everyone make a funny face! (Victoria has the same finger coordination issues like Natalie.)

Victoria making a funny face. No pacifier!

Victoria and Natalie chilling. "Wut? Yo, wuddup?"

Just kidding, we're really good friends!

Natalie making a great funny face!

Natalie hugging Victoria.

Nicholas got in the sunglasses action, too!