Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cousins Photos!

Over the weekend, we went with all of Natalie's cousins to Megabox (Kowloon Bay) where we drove up 16 stories to park (really) and then took sticker pics together! Here are the kiddies together in the booth waiting patiently as the adults figure out how to work the machine.

From left to right: Victoria, Natalie, Vanessa, and Nicholas. So cute to have them all together!

Vanessa makes some great funny faces!

They all got lots of balloons from McDonald's and Dan Ryans. All kids love balloons, although I think Natalie only likes them because the other kids do, too.

Natalie is captivated by the video screen.

Uh oh, Victoria wants her mommy. Natalie is busy looking at something on the floor. Vanessa is playing with her balloon. Nicholas is chilling, stuck in a photo booth with 3 girls.

Doesn't it look like Natalie has a ponytail? She's borrowed hair from Victoria.


  1. Hahah, yes those photos are very cute and love your captions too. "Natalie borrowing the ponytail from Vicky." LOL

  2. Love these photos!!! Are they from carol's camera?