Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Natalie's very FIRST day of school! Here are some photos (videos to come):

Natalie putting on her official school uniform. It's a little big, but we think she'll quickly grow into it.

When asked if she likes her uniform, her answer was a resounding "Yes!".

Natalie examines her uniform. Her new white socks are laid out and ready to wear.

The socks are on! Natalie waits patiently for her shoes.

She is really excited to be going to school (finally, after all the talking and books and videos!)

Time for her new black, mary-jane-style shoes. They're velcro so easy on and off for her.

All ready! Natalie gives a big smile to the camera.

She gives a little wave, too.

The bag is a little big for her...

Natalie says, "So heavy!" (about her bag). Inside her bag are extra diapers, wet wipes, her books, and a sweater.

Natalie is in her stroller and on her way to school (it's walking distance).

On the way... Natalie is in the stroller. It was hot and crowded in the morning.

Natalie's school (Kiangsu Chekiang Nursery & Primary) is just up the hill.

Natalie is inside the classroom for the first time. To entice all the children, they scattered toys all over the tables. Natalie did not sit down and play right away. She was too busy looking around and asking "What's that?"

Natalie has her very own seat at the table with her name and photo!
We lean in close for a first picture of Natalie and me at school.

Natalie's friend, Summer, is in the same class! Here they are hanging out and playing with a princess castle.

They also sit next to each other! But we missed Siena who was in another class :(

Look at all the excited parents. (They probably all have a picture of me, too!) Natalie was acting too cool for school here.

Later, the kiddies all sit down for a story and singing session.


  1. Wow congrats to Natalie! What a big day it is. I can't believe how fast all the kids are growing up. Hope Natalie had a good first day of school! :D

  2. How exciting first day of school! It's so good that Natalie and Summer are in the same class!

  3. Wow, Nat is totally looking like a big girl in her bag and uniform!!