Sunday, September 27, 2009

Natalie sees her cousins frequently and she has come to know them very well and is excited whenever we meet up. When we are on the computer looking at videos and photos, she yells and calls out their names whenever we see them. Vanessa is a great older cousin, always holding hands with Natalie when we are out walking together.

Also see
Video 250 of Natalie bouncing on a ball with Carol yee-yee and Nicholas. Carol yee-yee says the rule is Natalie must say "bounce" to keep bouncing.

Natalie and Vanessa walking together in City Plaza.

I made them stop for a photo. Vanessa makes the best funny faces for pictures!

Natalie is so happy to be with her cousins.

They give each other a BIG hug. Look at how tall Vanessa is.

The hug becomes a little too enthusiastic and they stumble around a little, doing a "hug dance".

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