Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some observations

Some cute little things we've noticed about Natalie...

She likes to sits with one leg up (almost always unless we tell her to put her leg down). Lisa yee-yee, any idea where / who she got this from?

She likes going to school and loves following the routines. So far, she still says "yes!" when we ask if she likes going to school.

Natalie loves to wear things on her head. She likes to put pants, books, cups and stuffed animals on her head and call them her "book hat" or her "doll hat" or her "pants hat". But sometimes, she doesn't like to wear her "real hat".

Natalie loves to sit in her highchair and watch us cook. Last weekend, I made very thick oatmeal for her and asked her to help me "cook" it by adding more water and stirring it with a spoon. She ate it by herself, too.
She has no upper eyelids, the smoothest skin, and looks super sincere when looking at her from up close.

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