Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Shower

Natalie is going to have a new play-mate soon! Last weekend we went to Auntie Vee's (her name is Vanessa but we don't want Natalie to confuse her with her cousin Vanessa) baby shower. Natalie dressed up like a little lady and played with some other tots while there.

Natalie clutching a little pig mug she "won". She won it by being herself :)

This square flower vase filled with water and floating duck candles was the favourite "toy" of the day. All the little ones loved to play with it, even after all the duck candles were lit and their heads burned down.

Natalie posing with Auntie P ("P" for Priscilla, but she's Vanessa's sister so she goes by the initial, too).

Here is Natalie when we first arrived at the party. There were a lot of strangers around so she was more comfortable hanging with her daddy Clark and observing for the first few minutes.

Later she was brave enough to wander by herself.

They ordered 400 beautiful cream and yellow roses for the event!

These photos (stolen from facebook) were too pretty to pass up posting.

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