Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cousins at the park

This past weekend, we had a playdate with cousins Vanessa and Victoria at Taikoo Shing Park. It is amazing there, with three separate parks divided by a little walk-way. As you can imagine, Natalie was super tired after chasing her cousins around all the equipment!

Vanessa and Natalie holding hands with Vivo Yee-yee on our walk to the park.

Natalie is now able to climb up onto some of the springy cars and animals by herself. When I try to help her, she says, "No, Mommy, I do myself!" She's really growing up!

She really loves to sit on these things, especially when she's tired from running around. (Me too!)

Natalie also really enjoys playing "driving" with all (and I mean ALL) of the steering wheels she can find. If it's really "fun", like this one in the train, she'll go back to the same one over and over again.

Victoria wanders over to say "Hi!" to Natalie.

Later, Natalie and Vanessa found this "twin" slide and decided to play one on each side together.

Natalie actually likes going down slides now. Sometimes she says a big "Yay!" after she makes it to the bottom.

Also, we laughed so hard because the static from the slide made her hair stand on end!

Here they go again. Natalie is laughing while watching Vanessa "swing like a monkey".

"Dennis yee-jurn, look at us go down the slide!" Natalie really really really loves playing with her older cousin Vanessa.

Here's another shot of Natalie's hair on end. It was sooo funny!

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