Monday, October 26, 2009


We took Natalie to Disneyland for the very first time this weekend. We had great weather and, although there was potential for wafulness (the car had no batteries by the time we left!) a good samaritan helped us out and we left feeling great!

When the gates opened in the morning, we raced to line up and take photos with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Here is Natalie getting a hug and kiss from Mickey.

Surprisingly, instead of being scared, she LOVED it! Mickey Mouse even played peek-a-boo with her.

Later, when she was telling Clark and others about her trip to Disneyland, we found out meeting Mickey was the highlight of her day. She also saw Goofy and Donald Duck, but didn't get the chance to take photos with them.

We went with Lisa and Vanessa and Victoria. They go to Disneyland all the time and are pros. They showed us around the place. Here they are taking photos with Mickey and Minnie, too.

The kids taking a short fruit break. It was sunny so everyone wore "princess" hats. Vanessa had a big Cinderella on her hat and Natalie had the 4 princesses.

Here are Lisa and Vanessa enjoying the merry-go-round. Vanessa is such a big girl riding by herself. Victoria loved it, too (riding in a car). Natalie cried.

The one thing Natalie really didn't like were all the rides. She tried the dumbo flying elephant ride and the merry-go-round and cried at both and told me they were "Scary!" and that she wanted "Down, Mommy, down!" The only ride she enjoyed was "It's a small world."

Later, exhausted, after eating rice and noodles, Natalie takes a nap in her stroller.

Vanessa loved ALL the rides! Here she is on another one with Lisa yee-yee, while Victoria and Natalie napped.

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  1. one day, i will bring over my usb key and i'll just take all the photos from your camera - vice versa eh? you got some good shots here!