Monday, October 5, 2009

More school photos

Look what we found! A collection of photos from Natalie's class. We discovered recently that Natalie's teacher has a facebook page, which is awesome. Of course we logged in right away and found lots of pictures of Natalie in the classroom. Here they are:

The kiddies sit here for story / song time. Don't they look so well behaved?

Here they are listening during "English" time. Every day, the English teacher comes in and speaks English to them for 20 - 30 minutes. Summer was a lucky girl today... she got to sit on the teacher's lap!

Every day, the students also participate in some "arts and crafts". This looks like like a colouring piece. Natalie is busy checking out Summer's work.

Here is another class photo. Aww... the whole class is really very cute together :)

Another day of English (you can tell it's a different day because the kids were allowed to wear their "normal clothes" to school (I think for "mid-autumn festival").

Natalie looks very attentive and eager here. We're sooo happy it looks like she's enjoying school!

Not sure what's going on here, but Natalie was picked out to be in the middle. I think they may be dancing!

Looks like they're supposed to copy the teacher. I think Natalie has her hands up. Yay, go Nat!

So cute, some of the students are holding hands with their little classmates!

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  1. These photos rock!! They kids are so cute. Always enjoy the nursery kids as they are cutest!! I'm already applying for Victoria for next year. It's crazy eh?