Friday, October 23, 2009


Natalie has become very good at reasoning! Here are some examples:

Natalie has finished her dinner and Clark is getting ready to meet friends for his dinner.
Clark: "Natalie, do you want to come with me to dinner or stay home with Ti-ti?"
Natalie: "I go with Ba-ba. I no hungry, I no eat."
She happily accompanies Clark to dinner, but doesn't eat.

Natalie and I are getting ready for bed and I tell her we can go see Mickey Mouse (Disneyland) tomorrow.
Me: "If it's a nice day, we can go. But if it rains, we can't go, ok?"
Natalie thinks about it and says: "If raining, I wear raincoat."
Me: "Um... yes, but Mickey Mouse doesn't like the rain."
Natalie: "Mickey Mouse no have rain coat?"

Clark and Natalie are on their daily, post-dinner walk.
Clark: "Natalie, where would you like to go?"
Natalie: "Go buy rubberband."
Clark: "Rubberband? What kind of rubberband?"
Natalie: "Natalie rubberband."
Clark: "What's a Natalie rubberband?"
Natalie: "For my hair."
Clark: "Oh! Why do you need a rubberband for your hair?"
Natalie: "Because I no have!"
Clark has a sore throat and they have just returned home after their daily, post-dinner walk.
Clark: "Bye Natalie, I have to go see the doctor now. You stay home with Ti-ti."
Natalie: "I go doctor, too."
Clark (surprised): "Why do you need to go to the doctor?"
Natalie: "Because I coughing."

She coughs to demonstrate.

The next day, while out for a walk, Natalie is still coughing so Clark picks her up and rubs her back. She stops coughing.
Clark: "Do you feel better now?"
Natalie: "Yes, Ba-ba poh-poh (carry), I no cough."
Clark: "But you're not coughing now, so you walk."
He puts her down. Natalie coughs again.
Natalie: "Ba-ba, poh (carry me)! I coughing."