Monday, October 12, 2009

New Elmo Shoes

Natalie received a pair of Elmo Crocs for her birthday from Uncle Hans. Thanks Uncle Hans! They were a little too big for her to wear at first, but when we recently tried them on, they fit! Of course, she LOVES them. She wears them whenever she can (when we let her). Here are a few pictures of Natalie happily trotting around our area in her new crocs.

Natalie walking up and down steps by herself without holding anyone's hand or a railing. Her balance has gotten much better.

Natalie says, "Elmo can climb stairs!"

Whenever she runs, she also likes to tell us that "Elmo run so fast!"

She's also been getting a lots of attention from her cousins and people on the street who give her nice compliments on how beautiful her new shoes are.

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