Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Al and the new Computer!

Natalie has a new favourite toy... a small, pink computer! She received it as gift from our friends Al and Zahra. Thanks Al and Zahra!

Al came to visit Hong Kong and we spent some time together over a weekend. Natalie LOVES her computer! She will show it everyone who comes over and will ask to bring it out or bring it to school. And, because she loves her computer, she also loves Al :) She reminds us that "Al give" and will pat her computer.

Natalie and Al became instant friends. Here they are chatting and reading together.

Natalie pointing out something important to Al.

Now they're turning the page together. Al was really patient.

Natalie doesn't usually take to someone so fast. She's usually very shy and reserved, although the computer may have helped a little. Remember, if you want kids to like you... bring gifts!

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