Monday, November 9, 2009

Decorating presents

Natalie really enjoys decorating gifts we've wrapped for our friends. We wrap the gifts in a plain, mural paper and she goes at it with markers, stamps and stickers! Here she is decorating a gift for her new little friend Tobias who was born only two weeks ago (the gifts were given during the past baby shower we attended).

Natalie loves to use all the colors in the marker pack.

And here she is using stamps to stamp different colored animals on the paper.

Later, we move to the sofa area for some sticker action.

Natalie selects the sticker she wants to use and then Clark helps her to peel the wax off the back.

And then Natalie sticks the stickers onto the present.

Natalie looking through her stickers collection with a little smile. She loves stickers!

Natalie pauses long enough to smile for the camera.

And then puts the finishing touches on her "masterpiece".

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