Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Natalie-isms

We are downstairs in our lobby waiting for the elevator. A chinese woman is speaking very loudly into the telephone in mandarin. Natalie listens, fascinated. Then she hangs up.

Natalie: "Mommy, who's that screaming?"

Me: (I ignore her and pretend to be busy doing something else, hoping she'll drop the conversation.)

Natalie, even louder: "Mommy, who's that screaming?"

Me: "Um... The nice lady."

We later get in the same elevator with her.

Natalie is crouched behind a chair.

Natalie: "Look, I'm hiding!"

Me: "Why are you hiding?"

Natalie: "Because I'm silly!"

Natalie and I are preparing Clark's birthday surprise.

Me: "This is Ba-ba's birthday card. Will you draw on it?"

Natalie: "Yes!"

Me: "Ok."

Natalie (after a while): "This is Ba-ba's birthday card. I tell Ba-ba Happy Birthday?"

Me: "No no, don't tell Ba-ba. It's a surprise. Okay?"

Natalie: "Okay."

Me: "Good. So... what do you tell Ba-ba?"

Natalie: "Ba-ba, surprise!"

Me: "No no, tell Ba-ba nothing! Okay?"

Natalie: "Okay."

Me: "So what do you tell Ba-ba when he comes home?"

Natalie: "I say Ba-ba nothing!"

Me: "Umm... ok."

I am putting my shoes on, ready to leave for work. Natalie runs out from her room with no pants on.

Natalie: "Mommy! Mommy!"

Me: "Yes, Natalie, what is it?"

Natalie: "Stop! Come here! I want to kiss you!"

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