Monday, December 21, 2009

School photos

Here are more photos taken from the facebook page maintained by Natalie's school teachers.

I love all the great activities Natalie is exposed to while at school. Here is one where the students pass a ball around a circle. Since they can't throw (in the right direction) or catch, they roll the ball around.

Not only do they do different physical activities, but they also do various art work, too. She's coloured, drawn, painted, folded, glued, and glittered various masterpieces which decorate a wall in her room.

Every month, the class has a birthday day to celebrate all the birthdays that happen that month. The kids can dress in their normal clothes (not their uniforms), sing the birthday song, and eat cake! Here they are posing with the birthday cake.

Can you find Natalie?

Here are more photos

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