Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Belated Christmas photos

I stole these photos from Lisa and Carol's blog. Even though they are 3 weeks old, they were too cute to not share since Natalie is featured in them as well.

During the x-mas party at Lisa's place, the kid all got to decorate (and eat!) their very own gingerbread man. Natalie smothered her gingerbread man with sprinkles.

Natalie loves to read. Here she is reading a book with little Nicholas looking on.

The four cousins sitting together before the frenzy begins (before other kiddies and their mommies and daddies and helpers arrive!)

Here are all the kiddies posing with our very own Chinese Santa Claus! Natalie loved it, especially getting her own gift (she is holding up the red wrapping paper in this photo).

Here she is holding it up again, giving you a better view of her present.

This is when Natalie received her present from Santa Clause ("Because I am a good girl!"). All in all, a great Christmas!

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