Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas school photos

Even though Natalie missed a few weeks of school around Christmas, she was still able to participate in many of the Christmas-themed days (which happened before she was sick). She now firmly LOVES Christmas and still randomly sings "Jingle Bells" while at home.

The children celebrated the lantern festival by making their very own lanterns.

Natalie brought home a beautiful, purple lantern which she liked to hold and swing around.

Everyday, Natalie's school has "snack time" where the kiddies eat something (sandwiches, crackers, fruit, etc...) and drink something (water, milk, juice, etc...) The kids learn to put their own plates and bowls away after they eat.

Here's another school photo. I steal these photos from Natalie's teacher's facebook page. I love how proactive she is in posting updates. Welcome back to Ms. Lee and congrats on the recent delivery of her baby :)

Here are the kiddies all bundled for a Christmas photo. It was really cold for a few days there! Can you find Natalie? She's the girl in the back picking her nose.

Whenever Natalie sees this photo, she screams "Santa Claus!!!" Can you find her? She also loves to look at her school pictures and tries to find herself.

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