Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creative, not destructive

As a little baby, Natalie loved to "destroy" things. First, she liked to chew and bite on things, then she liked to rip and tear paper, and finally, she enjoyed knocking things down and pulling lego pieces apart. This all happened because she was not yet able to "create". Now that she's older and her fingers are more nimble, she is really putting her creativity to good use!

Who built this beautiful city of blocks?

The creator is hiding just behind it. It's Natalie!

Here she is quietly and studiously building her little city. She is great at balancing pieces on their sides and can build it quite tall without knocking the lower pieces down.

More studious building...

"Look so high!" Natalie says.

She was very happy with her creation. And we were, too!

When it was time to clean up, for the first time ever (that I can remember), Natalie did not ask to smash it first before putting the pieces back into the box.

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