Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily morning routine

Now that she's older, Natalie has fallen into fairly regular routine everyday. She seems to enjoy regularity so we keep it as "normal" as possible, especially during week days. Most mornings, Natalie will wake up around 7:30am. Since Clark has already left for work, she'll usually sit up in bed and say "good morning, Mommy" and give me a kiss and a hug (which I love!). I then take her outside where she patiently waits on her little chair at her little table while Suparti prepares breakfast for her. Her current favourite is peanut-butter bread, eggs and a cup of milk or water which she eats by herself in about 30 minutes (she talks a lot and will play between bites). While she's eating, I get ready for work. At around 8:00am, Natalie gets put on the toilet and then gets ready for school. At 8:20am, we all leave the house together.

Natalie seated at her highchair enjoying peanut-butter bread. This was taken a couple months ago when she was still happy to sit in her highchair. Lately, she's preferred using her IKEA table at home.

Natalie loves peanutbutter bread (her current favourite breakfast, along with eggs and a cup of milk). She also loves to make funny faces, too!

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