Friday, January 22, 2010

Natalie's house

While cleaning the apartment, Natalie and I found this big empty cardboard box (from Kevvy and Vanessa). Since Natalie loves her doll houses (she has two for "Mimi" and "Licca" and occasionally likes to sit inside the doll houses), we decided to make the box into a "Natalie" house.

The finished product - a Natalie house complete with a little Natalie inside.

There's a roof (made with a ribbon and an old pillowcase) and a door that opens and closes.

"Hey, you have to knock on the door first!" Natalie says when I swing the door open.

But she happily smiles for the camera when I say, "Smile!" She LOVES her new house and asked to play in it this morning when she woke up.

See how happy she is? Also, Natalie has started to lose her baby fat and is looking more mature.

Some cool features of the house include this door stop (made of ultra high-tech duct tape) that keeps the door shut whenever Natalie wants some privacy.

Additional features: Reb ribbon that prevents the roof from falling in. Also note the personalized, decorative artwork Natalie created for her walls.

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