Saturday, January 9, 2010

Videos videos and MORE videos!

Posting has been sparse over the past few weeks due to work, holidays and visitors! We just said good-bye to Por-por and Gong-gong who flew to Toronto just yesterday. We'll miss you! Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh are also returning to Canada. It's been so great to have our families here and so fun! We took lots of videos but haven't had time to post them all. Here are some videos below:

Video 260 - Natalie enthusiastically cutting mangoes and feeding pieces to me and the camera.

Video 261 - Playing with her kitchen set and fighting with her cousins.

Video 262 - Popping plastic-wrapping bubbles with Yeh-yeh

Video 263 - Eating an orange. She LOVES oranges (without the "skin") and can eat two whole oranges in one sitting.

Video 264 - Dancing to black-eyed pea "Boom boom pow". It's funny because she's still not totally coordinated. And she is getting shy in front of the camera.

Christmas Videos

Video 265 - All the cousins distributing presents among themselves with Por-por. Watch littlest cousin Nicholas give out presents and try to take them back (he doesn't understand what's going on), and Victoria saying "No!" and giving poor Nicholas a little push. He's sturdy boy though!

Video 266 - More presents! Natalie is a little over-whelmed (and happy) about all her new presents! We still haven't opened them all (saving a few each week).

Video 267 - All the cousins are singing "Jingle Bells" together. In the beginning, Natalie says, "I farted, stinky stinky!" but everyone sings sooo loud you can't hear her any more :)

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