Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Chinese New Years!

This year, Natalie wore a very pretty pink cheung-sam as her new year's outfit and she was quite the little lady, collecting red pockets left and right. See her below getting ready for school wearing her outfit.

We wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year of the Tiger!

Natalie patiently getting her hair done by Suparti. She calls putting her hair up "putting on her long hair".

She looks so lady-like with her hands on her lap and her ankles crossed.

Here she is making her favourite funny face.

I tried to pose her by asking her to look a little off camera. The best I could do was have her stare at my wiggling toes. She was so patient, taking time to pose for me as I adjusted the camera and put her into poses.

Natalie checks out her own dress. She really loves wearing it.

More posing. This is me trying to get her to look "deh", but she doesn't bring her hands up.

A back shot. She really has become quite the little lady!

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