Friday, February 12, 2010

More Natalie-isms

Natalie is picking her nose.
Natalie: Hey, I'm picking my nose! Look, I got a big booger!

Me: Wow, Natalie, your face is still really round! Do you have a round head?

Natalie looks a bit hurt.
Me (trying to make it up to her): Does Mommy have a round head, too?
Natalie: No, you have a square head!

Sometimes, when Clark is lying down on the bed or sofa, Natalie likes to climb up and pounce on him. She calls it "booming" Ba-ba.
Clark: Natalie, can you boom Mommy? (I'm lying next to them.)
Natalie: No!
Clark: How come?
Natalie: Because Mommy is small!
Clark: But how come you can boom on Ba-ba?
Natalie: Because Ba-ba is big and strong!

Me: I'm going to call Por-por on the telephone now. Do you want to talk to Por-por?
Natalie: How come?
Me: Because it'll be nice to talk to her.
Natalie: How come?
Me: Because she likes to hear you talking.
Natalie: How come?
Me: Because she misses you.
Natalie: How come?
Me: Because she hasn't seen you in a while.
Natalie: How come?
Me: Because!
Natalie: How come?
Me: No more how comes!

Natalie's favourite sleep murmurs (she talks in her sleep):
Natalie: "Hey, whachoo doing?"
Natalie: "I don't want! I don't want!"

Natalie is eating mangoes for dessert. They look yummy.
Me: Natalie, can I have a mango, please?
Natalie: Sure!
She picks up one of the bigger pieces with her fork and gives it to me.
Me: Yummy, thank you, Natalie!
Natalie (explaining and nodding her head): I give you a big piece because you are a big girl.

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