Monday, February 8, 2010

Swimming School

On Sunday, Natalie attended her very first swimming class! Last week, we brought her to the swim school so she could watch her cousin Vanessa attend and she was very excited to go, too. At first, things went very well and she was happy and excited to listen to the "swim school teacher". However, she cried for most of the second half of the class when the teacher started asking them to put their ears and noses in the water. Bravely, she has agreed to go again next week :)

Natalie excited and almost ready to head to swim school... by herself with no mommy and no ba-ba!

The swim outfit is complete with neoprene swim suit, swim cap and swim goggles! Later, when Natalie was crying, her little goggles filled with her tears.

Natalie has gone into the pool area by herself, lining up between her cousin Vanessa and her friend Ethan.

Ethan was a great little swimmer and very brave. He put his ears and nose and whole head in the water!

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