Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Natalie-isms and videos

Although posting has been sparse over the past few weeks, Natalie has continued to grow and has really bloomed into an independent and opinionated little girl. Some of her favourite sayings now are:

"I know!"
"I can do it!"
"I help you!"
"Don't worry, I can do it!"
"No, I do it by myself!"

We think a lot of this optimism comes from watching Dora (we've loosened our tv restrictions and she watches 20 minutes a day most days). Only occasionally will she say, "Mommy / Ba-Ba, help me!" to open new toys or get snacks.

She's also become really fond of learning letters and playing games on her computer. Watch Video 270 of Natalie recognizing letters, and Video 271 of Natalie "spelling" with her computer.

Also watch Video 272 of Natalie dancing at home. She's become much more active and will run around the house now. She's especially active when playing with her Ba-ba.

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