Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Park on the Peak

On Friday, on my last free day, I brought Natalie up to the park at the peak (I was there for doctor's visit). We had a delicious lunch of baked potatoes and beans (Oliver's) and hung out for a couple hours at the play area just outside the peak mall. No surprise, Natalie needed some encouragement to go on the slides and up on the equipment, but she loved to run around and explore the other fun and games by herself.

She really liked this turning wheel. She kept going back to this and turning the wheel to watch the little balls roll around behind the plastic circle.

Here she is explaining to me what's happening.

Natalie running around the park. She literally ran circles around the entire play area by herself. She would run back for a bite of food or sip of drink and then take off again. It was funny!

Natalie liked to sit on the friendly giraffe park bench. However, she did not want to sit on the crocodile bench because it would "eat her".

When inside buying food, Natalie insisted on taking a picture with these giraffes. She counted them out loud and said, "There are five giraffes!"

There's the 5th one hiding on the side. She's a very energetic and enthusiastic little girl now.

I took a series of close-up shots. Here is Natalie smiling for the camera.

More smiling... (kind of).

There, that's a nice smile!

"Is it enough?" She asked.

Natalie loves riding the springy animals. She climbs up and down and up and down.

Natalie is very expressive now, too, with lots of different expressions to express how much fun (or little fun!) she's having.

What a great view of the peak, too!

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