Saturday, May 15, 2010

Aerobics Day at School

On Friday, Natalie's school hosted parents and students during "Aerobics Day". Parents had to accompany the children to attend and it was sooo cute and fun to spend the day with the students at school. It was especially cute when we arrived and Natalie's classmates call out to her and waved and said "Hi Natalie!" and she replied, calling her classmates by name. I was super tired afterward, but it was absolutely worth it! Below are videos and photos of the day.

Video 275 - the beginning of "aerobics day" at Natalie's school. Parents were allowed to participate and watch a show put on by the students. Here is the first video of their performance. They are just getting ready for the big show! Natalie is standing at the front of the line to the very left.

Video 276 - this is the second video of their performance. They have started the show and Natalie is super cute as she dances along with her classmates and teachers. Can you find her? She is the 3rd child in the row furthest from the camera, with the little pigtails.

Here is
Video 277 of the "free dance" period. Natalie and 3 of her classmates are dancing together holding hands. It looks like fun!

Here is
Video 278 of Natalie dancing by herself during the free dance period. She is energetically moving around and taking her dancing very seriously.

Video 279 - Out comes the parachute... all the students loved jumping and playing beneath it as the adults waved it up and down.

Here is
Video 280 - the 6th and last video of Natalie's school aerobics day. Actually, the day has finished. Natalie was sooo tired she didn't want to walk. I have already carried her down the stairs and down the hill and now, being 4 months pregnant, I can't go any further so we take a break. You can see how tired Natalie is after so much exercise!

Here are photos from the day:

Natalie with her extremely adorable friend from class, Annabel.

Here we are going up the stairs and heading into the auditorium.

Once inside, the teachers organized all the students while the parents behaved worse than paparazzi, stepping over each other to take photos and videos.

There were three nursery classes participating in the day. All students are 3 years old and super cute.

Natalie was really happy to have me visiting her school with her. She introduced me to her classmates and teachers and was very well behaved (at least in the beginning, closer to the end she became grumpier and more tired).

Natalie hugging her friend Mia.

More hugging. So cute!

Natalie with her friend Kiara (whom I called "Clara" for a long time before realizing I had her name wrong).

Natalie with her friends Kelly and Kiara.

Natalie with me! I really, really enjoyed myself.

During snack time, Natalie very generously shared her cinnamon-toast-crunch cereal with her classmates.

And they shared their snacks in return, too. They are all such great friends!


  1. Natalie is too adorable! What a great dancer. You know one of the photos, she looks a lot like you Tray when you were small. Miss you guys a lot! :)

  2. The photo where she's sitting with the 3 little girls. She's on the right looking up.