Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At Megan and Angus' Wedding

The whole Wang Gang turned out in our wedding best to attend Megan and Angus' wedding. Ba-ba Clark was one of the groomsmen. Here are some pics (courtesy of Serena yee-yee). Thanks, Serena!

Natalie with pigtails in her "day dress" with (left and right) Serena yee-yee, Marian yee-yee, and me.

During the wedding ceremony at the church, I had to bribe Natalie to keep quiet with an egg tart hidden in my purse.

After the ceremony as we waited while the photos were taken in front of the church, Natalie gets a very sweet kiss from uncle Zhi while drinking her lychee juice.

Later, we went to dim sum where Natalie met and was instantly enchanted and mesmerized with Ashley, a 6-year old girl who was very nice to her and who commented that, "Natalie's hands are sooo soft!" It's true, Natalie has really soft skin still.

Ashley willingly shared her toys with Natalie and later, Natalie kept asking "Where's Ashley?" (for the rest of the night).

Much much later (after we unsuccessfully tried to get Natalie to sleep), Natalie decided she wanted to dance on the stage to the band... by herself! She was turning and swaying to the music and climbing up and down from the stage for over 10 minutes.

Whenever our friends tried to join her, Natalie would insist that it was HER stage and all adults must stand to the side. Only other children (including Ashley) were allowed to dance with her. Here uncle Edwin tries to out-insist Natalie (but of course, nobody can out-insist Natalie).

When the bride and groom return to the stage, Natalie decides it's time to come down and go home. We didn't get home until after midnight... quite a long night for Natalie!

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  1. i agree natalie has such soft skin!! so jealous...