Friday, May 14, 2010

Growing imagination

Natalie's imagination is fully active now. She often plays make-believe with her toys and sometimes even with nothing! For example, a few times now, she has given me "flowers" she grew by herself in her "garden", but there's really nothing in her hand. I have to pretend to take the flower from her and tell her how beautiful it is, which makes her happy. We find it really funny!

Watch Video 273 and listen to Natalie pretending to talk on the phone with her daddy. She calls him Ba-Ba. She tells him she misses him and she asks 'you're not home? Ok!' and hangs up. Then she gets upset when I try to call Clark (for real) on my telephone. She insists I call him with her telephone.

Also watch
Video 274 where Natalie has her "baby" (actually, her Elmo doll) in a sling (actually my scarf) and the baby is sleeping. This may be good practice for when her sibling arrives :)

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