Monday, May 3, 2010

Hanging with cousin Nicholas

On Saturday, while the apartment was being painted (finishing touches on minor renovations to the "kids room"), we spent time hanging with Natalie's cousin, Nicholas. Here are some photos stolen from Nicholas' blog Thanks Chen Den!

Natalie and Nicholas holding hands while waiting for the elevator. Nicholas LOVED holding hands with his older cousin Natalie. It was really cute every time he reached out to take her hand. By the way, he's not sneering at the camera, this is the way Nicholas "smiles" at the camera... by scrunching his little nose!

Natalie and Nicholas playing in the tube together at the park. Gorgeous day for being outside.

Natalie crying when I wouldn't hold her hand (after she wouldn't hold Nicholas' hand). Poor Nat, I'm a mean mum! She has a really sad crying face and big tears. Don't worry, I made it up to her later :)

Nicholas so cute while playing peek-a-boo with his mommy, Carol.


  1. Good fun having you guys over! You should add a ticker for the little baby too!

  2. i love the crying pictures. :D