Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nail polish

With the bump growing bigger, it's been harder to reach my own toes and so a couple weeks ago, I had a pedicure and had my toe nails painted. Natalie noticed right away, pointing and asking, "Mommy, how come you have pink toes?" She also told me her english teacher "Miss. Lisa" (actual name, no relation) has pink finger nails.

And so, at a recent wedding, Natalie had the chance to paint her nails for the first time. I put on one little layer (in the middle of the nail only, not touching the sides) right before we headed off to dinner and wiped them off before she went to sleep. She loved it, but I told her it was a special occasion and she understands it's not for everyday use.

Natalie's beautiful red nails.

"I'm a lady!" Natalie says. "Look at my pretty nails!"

When I asked her how long she could have them for, she solemnly promised, "Only one dinner and no more." And later she was such a good girl and kept her promise and helped me remove the polish before sleeping that night.

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  1. summer had been asking me to paint her nails too!! she would be so jealous if she saw natalie's nails!