Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shower fun with hair

Now that Natalie has a little bit more hair (although still not growing at the front for some reason!), her daddy Clark likes to shape it into various shapes and Natalie likes it, too. Here are some photos from a recent bath.


We had a little mirror to show her the "crazy hair". She liked this style.

The flash on the camera was a little bright.

Natalie with "really crazy hair"!

"Do I look crazy, Ba-ba?". She loves bathtime. It take some coaxing to get her out.

The two horns look. Although we think Natalie is actually a little angel.

We're really happy she likes to take baths. She will stay in so long her little fingers and toes become wrinkled and she will proudly tell us she has "raisins".

Smile! "But it's too bright, Mommy!"

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