Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bracelet Art

We've opened another birthday gift and this time, discovered a fun and colorful bracelet-making kit! Natalie was very excited, especially because the kit came in a nice box with a clasp she could open and close by herself. Once open, she insisted on making ALL the bracelets at one time so she could bring them to school and give to her friends. So we sat down and made every bracelet in one sitting (over an hour). See photos below.

We've just finished making ALL the bracelets. Natalie proudly displaying her handiwork.

There were 4 "string" bracelets where she had to thread the foam "charms", and 8 flat bracelets where she could pick and choose from a large variety of foam stickers to decorate them with.

I told her I would use the flash on the camera to see if it looked better in the picture and she covered her eyes (but still kept smiling).

Natalie laughing while playing with the bracelets.

"Look at my bracelet eyes!"

Natalie's beautiful bracelet creations. In the end, she did not bring them to school because we felt it would be unfair if she didn't have enough to share with everyone.

Later, Natalie models as many bracelets as she can for the camera. She could only fit 10 on her little arm. This photo is a bit grainy because I used a high ISO setting on the camera to avoid using the flash. Then I turned on the flash...

"No flash, Mommy!"

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  1. hahaha, i love the photo with all the bracelets! btw, the photos were just from my camera, and i dont know how to retouch them. i am sure keiko's ones are much better!