Friday, June 25, 2010

More Natalie-ism: Natalie the negotiator and little smartie

Clark has picked Natalie up and is carrying her.
Clark: Natalie, you are a big girl now and getting really heavy!
Natalie (patting Clark's arm reassuringly): That's ok because you are big and strong.

Natalie has begun to sleep by herself in her own room. I've just tucked her into bed and have turned off the lights.
Me: You're such a good girl, sleeping by yourself! Good night, I'll come back in 5 minutes to check on you, ok?
Natalie (holding up one finger): How about you come back to check on me in 1 minute?

We've bought a box of chocolate-covered pocky sticks and are sitting outside waiting for Clark to come home.
Natalie: Mommy, can I eat the chocolate sticks now?
Me: You can have ONE chocolate stick. When Ba-ba comes home, you can have one more, ok?
Natalie: Can I have THREE chocolate sticks? Because it's so small, you see?
Me (thinking I'm being too stingy): How about you can have TWO now and ONE when Ba-ba comes home?
Natalie: How about I have three now and later, I have one more when Ba-ba comes home?

We've popped a bag of butter popcorn. We are sitting on the sofa waiting for Clark to finish transfering a video file so we can watch it together on the TV. Natalie has eaten about 20 pieces and LOVES it.
Me: That's enough, Natalie, not too much, ok? The TV show hasn't even started yet.
Natalie (in a sweet voice): Ok, Mommy. Can I give some to Ba-ba?
Me: Wow, what a good girl! Ok, you can give some to Ba-ba.
Natalie then starts to bring the popcorn to Clark, one piece at a time. On her way to Clark, she eats half of each popcorn piece before giving it to him.

Me: Natalie, it's bath time.
Natalie: But I'm not itchy.

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