Friday, June 18, 2010

My first princess outfit!

Today, in preparation for a birthday party next weekend (which will have a princess theme), we bought Natalie her first princess outfit. It's a sleeping beauty dress and crown. She LOVED it. Look at how happy she is. She spent many minutes (over half an hour) running back and forth to the mirror, turning around and admring herself.

See Natalie admiring herself in Video 284.

Natalie was all smiles in her new Sleeping Beauty princess dress.

It fit her perfectly (it has no buttons or zippers so getting it on was a bit of a trial, but good thing she was very cooperative!)

She was very patient posing and smiling for the camera.

A look at the back of the dress. It has a lot of little great details which Natalie loved such as little flowers sewn into the front, a crystal jewel in the crown and a little picture of Sleeping Beauty on the front brooch.

"I'm a princess!" She says (over and over again). It's quite cute how excited and happy she is over a princess dress :)


  1. Princess Natalie you are soooooooo pretty!!!

  2. Natalie you make a beautiful sleeping beauty!