Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo shoot

A couple months ago, Natalie's school asked us to submit 8 photos of Natalie (they use these photos to "label" Natalie's desk, her cubbyhole, and various other areas in the classroom). Instead of using an old photo, I tried to ask Natalie to sit nicely and take a proper school photo. Here's the result:

"Great smile, but can you sit up straight and do a smaller smile, please? Open your eyes!"

Natalie says: "Like this?" and I say, "Almost, sit up straight, please."

"Like this?" Natalie says, and I say, "Hands down, please." (She was clapping.)

Here was a pretty good shot. "Looks good, slightly bigger smile, please!"

Here was the best shot. "Now that's a GREAT smile!"

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