Friday, June 4, 2010

Pizza Chef

In May, we attended Nivana's 3rd birthday party at Pizza Express where Natalie became a pizza chef! She loves to cook (even pretend "cooking") and was especially happy to be making REAL food. Check out photos below (thanks Lily!):

We are just starting to press the dough into the pan. At first, Natalie was a little shy to touch the pizza. We had just arrived and there were over FIFTY other children there and she was still warming up.

Natalie helps me to shake-shake-shake the pizza sauce around the on the dough.

She's beginning to warm up and become intrigued by the process.

Natalie has warmed up even more and has happily agreed to put on her chef's apron. She has also helped to put on some pieces of ham (by herself).

I asked to put on olives and Natalie said I could put olives on my half of the pizza but not on hers because she doesn't like "black things". Natalie has asked for her chef's hat now, too :)

We've added mushrooms (to my half) and Natalie has spread some cheese cubes around.

Our pizza is ready for baking!

Natalie was really excited.

Look at our beautiful pizza!

"I cooked this pizza!" Natalie says proudly.

Later, after eating, an amazing balloon artist gives balloon ducks to Natalie, Summer and Olivia.

It's the first time Natalie has seen a balloon duck before. She's quite excited and asks if she can take a bath with it.

Summer is also happy with her duck. Isn't it cute?

The balloon artist was amazing. Look at this Arial Mermain she created.

And this birthday cake! This cake also doubles as a hat!

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